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Enhance your mindset & change your reality 

Hi, this is Louis Garner. I am founder of LGCoaching and co-founder of Networkout; our partner company. Since the age of 13 I have always known two things. One - I wanted to become a coach. Two - I wanted to help other people progress and achieve their goals. My journey begin in a small town called Glastonbury, growing up surrounded by wild life, free spirited people and a family that encouraged an active lifestyle. Natural I gravitated towards sports and a love for the environment. I become playing football at the age of 8 for Bristol City. This led to so many different life lessons and opportunities; One of which was the chance to coach others. I began coaching at my old primary school, this progressed into teaching at football camp and holiday courses. By 16 years old it was time to leave school. Knowing I must follow my passion - I studied Sport coaching and personal training in College. I continued coaching sports in different setting and become gym based training. The next step was university, where I studied The Science of Sports Coaching. After 3 years of studying the principles, theories, methods and practices of coaching I took the next step in starting my own coaching company and LGCoaching was born. I use my passion, skills and experiences to coach in schools, companies and individuals inside and other the gym and across multiple sports. However, there was one element missing my love for nature. This is where Networkout was birthed we aim to help people become more sustainable, develop a growth mindset and connect with others. We now have a growing team and partners to help you create a happier, healthier and more meaningful life.