Louis is our Co-founder of Networkout and owner of LGCoaching {health & fitness and lifestyle company}. Louis has been involved in health and fitness since as young as 14 years over and now has over 12 years over a wide range of experiences, knowledge and unique concepts. Louis has coached children and teenagers of all ages and abilities across different countries and counties. In addition, Louis is currently closely with businesswomen and men, CEO, business owners and managers in a 1-2-1 and group personal training bassist. Louis guarantees and work towards results beyond the gym and physical health, to how to achieve a healthier and happier career and family life. He also educates people on sustainability and how we can reconnect with the environment. Louis’s blend of fitness included improved posture, massage and release work, mobility and stability to get stronger and fitter.


Jack is our other Co-founder of Networkout. With 8 years experience in the construction industry Jack has built the very environments we call our homes, offices and more. He’s developed a relationship and an understanding on how our surroundings affect us to become more fulfilled, productive and happier. Furthermore, Jack is an advocate and practioner for the human-nature relationship he has BA Hons Degree in Graphic Design Communication from UAL. Jack has combined his knowledge and experience to create a master mind principle called the W.E.A.L.T.H. System, Networkout bases our work from this framework. Jack’s unique approach has enabled Networkout to revolutionise what optimisation means and how we work with our clients in the most holistic and powerful manner.

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