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This blog I will be talking about my company LGCoaching. I will highlight what we do, why I created the business, how we operate, where and who work with. Firstly, LGCoaching stands for ”Louis Garner Coaching”. I decided to use my initials as a symbol of my unique experiences and abilities. My 12 years of experience in coaching started at 13 years old. This led me to complete a BSc Degree in Coaching Science, become a qualified personal trainer and work across Somerset, Glamorgan and Berkshire. And finally forming the business four years ago.

What We Do

We brand ourselves as a multi faceted coaching company, working with a diverse adults And children; individually as well as in groups. We provide our members with guidance, support and programmes to better their overall health. We focus on four elements of wellness - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual utilising different services:

  • Physical Body

We deliver 1-2-1 personal training sessions (PT) both inside and outside of the gym environment. Our PT sessions are always tailored to the clients desires and needs. We also offer bootcamps for three different clientele; corporate workers, parents and families. As well as the family bootcamps, we provide extra curricular clubs for children.

  • Mental Body

Our mindset coaching is a 1-2-1 systematic sessions and follow up programme. Mental wellness goals are set, barriers are identified and strengths are enhanced. Our coaches empower the people we work with and hold them accountable. Additionally, our partner brand Networkout offers monthly workshops; which connect members with each other whilst practicing personal development.

  • Emotional Body

We encourage a safe, open and secure space for individuals to express their emotions and discuss how they are feelings. We recommend reconnecting with nature and practicing yoga and meditation to stimulate a better understanding of one’s emotions and how to manage them.

  • Spiritual Body

We focus largely on meditation and breathing techniques. We guide our members through this as it can be a very challenging experience and help them discover what’s best for them. We also practice this during our Networkout workshops.

Our Why

We focus largely on meditation and breathing techniques. We guide our members through this as it can be a very challenging experience and help them discover whatsWe also practice this during our Networkout workshops.s always made clear to me, that if I follow my passions I’ll live a successful life. Simply do what you love and strive to make a living out of it. Ever since I taught a child to kick a football and witnessed their on going progress, I have loved being a coach. There is nothing more rewarding then being closely involved in a person’s development. My dad, along with my mentor have shown me that it is possible to work in the field you’re passionate about and also work for yourself!

How We Operate

Where & Who We Work With

We currently work in Reading and Newbury and our office is based in central Reading where we are affiliated with several gyms, companies and schools. Our Adult Services:

We work with busy corporate professionals who want to maximise their time and work on their health to feel happier and have a more balanced life, without giving up their work ambitions, social life and personal goals. Our Children’s Service:

We specialise in working with children with low self-esteem and are disengaged with exercise and health, to achieve new physical, mental and emotional state. we help them to to feel happier, more confident and have a sense of belonging, without disconnecting with other children.

Thank you for engaging, reading and giving me your time again! I hope this blog helps you understand more about myself and LGCoaching. I hope I have inspired you to follow your dreams and passions! For any inquiries for yourself, your company or school I would love to hear from you on any of these platforms:

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