“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”

Updated: Apr 6

In this two part blog, I’ll be talking about the opportunities that are present right now during this lockdown and will follow in light of COVID19.

However, before I start I would like to send my best wishes to yourselves, families and friends. And send my condolences to those that have been affected by the virus. Finally, I must emphasis the fact that corona virus WILL PASS! Keep positive, be resilient and stay connected.

Today I’ll be discussing the health opportunities, the next blog will explore the ‘connections’ opportunities posed by the virus:

If someone said to me at the start of 2020, “by April there a killer virus thats humans got from bats. Thousands will be killed worldwide. Social distancing will be introduced. You will only be able to leave the house on essential trips. Gyms and schools will be shut. You won’t be able to physically coach people. You will need to completely chance your business model. And oh yeah, there will be no toilet roll”. I would have called you a lunatic and laughed in your face. Wouldn’t you?

But here we are... luckily, I have amazing support and knowledge from my mentors Roddy Slater also Ric Moylan and his team. Plus a brilliant community of clients. Paired with this, I’m also very hard working, determined and resilient. So, I moved fasted and adapted to ensure the continued support for my clients.

Below is the result of this, LGOnline (the new online business model) and a - inaction - screen shot of my client Dave during a FaceTime PT session.

How many of you have started exercising during the lockdown?

Personally, I’ve seen a HUGE increase of activity in myself, my community of people and globally. The only comparison I can make to this spike in fitness participation levels is a January ‘new year, new me’ gym rush. Although, the COIVD19 health surge comes with a few key differences.

1. People are recognising physical exercise is a primal human necessity (more so than ever)

2. Workers are staying active to improve productivity

3. We’re getting healthy as a family

4. More people are connecting exercise to the health of their mental wellbeing (this link has been increasingly acknowledged over recent years)

5. World governments are incentivising the public to stay active.

For these reasons, and more not listed, health and fitness has become a fundamental part of people’s daily routine; many of whom it wasn’t beforehand. In addition to this, two common fitness barriers have been destroyed (1) lack of time (2) lack of recourses, facilities or equipment. Time is something the quarantine has given us all, therefore, we’ve been gifted the opportunity to dedicate 20 minutes to an hour a day - or more - towards our health. The closure of gyms has meant your living rooms, gardens, or any outdoor spaces... are now your gyms. The only equipment we need is our own bodies. Moreover, you have unlimited resources to programmes and coaches with a click on a button. So, what are you waiting for...? It could not be easier! Now is the time to work on your dream body, rehab any injuries, start training for something we’ve always wanted to achieve. How? Set some time aside, note down your health goals, book your exercise routine into your schedule and hold yourself accountable to your actions. SIMPLE.

Now onto the future health opportunities of COVID19. Without sounding unsympathetic and sinister, the corona virus has forced a ‘survival of the fittest’ environment. For example, people with underlining health problems are at a higher risk than others. More specifically, individuals with respiratory and immune system issues will be in greater danger. Considering this, I believe COVID19 will act as a realisation to the true importance of health. I’m hopeful we create a ‘new normal’ to prioritise our health and wellbeing above all else. We have the opportunity to construct a healthy lifestyle from exercise, to nutrition and mental wellness. This must be implemented for ourselves, our children, our communities, schools and companies - with government support and investment. If we prioritise health... then who know... maybe we will see more hospitals being build, reduction in depression, less people getting diseases and a fall in childhood obesity.


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