“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” Part 2

Updated: May 2

Welcome back to part of the “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” blog. I hope you and your families are all keeping well and not only surviving but also enjoying lockdown. Today’s blog is discussing the reconnection opportunities COVID19 has created for me.

Personally, I’ve reconnected with my self, nature, health and family. I also think it’s worth mentioning I’ve stayed connected to my business, clients (although it’s adapted) and my general positive energy.


As I‘ve discussed, in part one of the blog, we all have extra time. Isolation and staying home - in my case - has meant I’ve been focused to hangout with myself (as weird as that sounds). The additional time, especially on the mornings and weekends, has allowed to go deep into personal development, meditation and goal setting; to better balance myself and my desires.


Luckily, I have a park and big green spaces within distance of my house. Getting outside in nature has without doubt been the biggest supporter for my head space, rest bite, wellbeing and overall mental health. Additionally, COVID19 has unquestionably been good for the climate crisis as a whole. We need to understand why and how we can sustain these positive environmental impacts. Maybe we can travel less, work from home more, trade differently and consume in a more sustainable matter.


Don’t get it twisted, not all personal trainer commit the time to exercising an hour plus per day! However, honestly speaking, I’ve neglected my physical activity and training over recent months. The virus as given me the time, focus and dedication to pick this area of my life back up. I’ve managed to train more then ever and in new ways without a gym.


My family are spread all over the UK and we very rarely see each other. I’ve came to recognise how little I spoke with my family and my tendency to distance myself. COVID19 has united my family and families all over the world. Technology and social media has made staying connected easier. I will most definitely be dedicating more time for my family, friends and socialise.

Let me know your thoughts and what you have / will continue to stay connected to during this crisis. Stay Safe


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