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Updated: Feb 4

Hello guys. My name is Louis Garner. Firstly, welcome and thank you to my blog! This is my first blog post so today I'm just going to introduce myself, talking a bit about what I do and outline what you can expect from future blogs.

I am a 25-year-old health and fitness coach and a business owner of two companies. I'm originally from Glastonbury, though I've been living in Reading for the past four years and set up my businesses here. My life in sport begin at the age of 6 where I started playing football for my local team; this quickly progress into playing for Bristol City until I was 15. Around this age my coaching journey started, I assisted my former coach during local grass roots sessions.

Upon leaving school, I made the decision to follow my passion for coaching at both college and university. I now independently coach children and adults under LGCoaching. We work with a wonderfully diverse range of people from special education needs children to 50-year-old businessmen and women.

Fitness has always been a fundamental part of my lifestyle; however, I also recognise the power of the mind and believe a positive growth mindset to vital to achieve anything in life. This is something I practice daily through certain habits such as meditation, personal development, goal setting and journaling. Now, the process from a negative closed mindset to a positive growth mindset is challenging; it requires much self-discipline, commitment and consistency. But the reward worth it. You could create a new life for yourself or become the person you always wanted to be. I believe the development of your mindset is the start point to achieving everything in life.

I consider myself a nature lover, hence why I try to live in the most sustainable manner possible. I think growing in the countryside around environmentally conscious people was a huge influence. In order to become more sustainable my diet is plant based, I power my house via sustainable energy companies (Good Energy), our business banking is with a ethnical bank and I drive a low emission car.

My new outlook on life, with a positive mindset and becoming more sustainable has led to the birth of a new company... Networkout... My best friend and I created this business in the aim to help people achieve their goals and become more environmentally friendly and conscious. As a part of this, we are trying to spread our message to help and influence more people. What to expect? Get ready to hear more of us on social media and online! The blog is in aid of that... We will be releasing at least two blogs per month. We will be covering topics such as, goal setting, unlocking your purpose, following your passions, sustainable lifestyle tips, health hacks and much more. So, please enjoy the read, comment, engage and share! Thanks guys


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