Enhance Mindsets & Change Realities

"since working with Louis, from Networkout, I've been able to focus both my physical and dietary wellbeing into a much higher productive and creative ability. I'm now fit to grow my company and also be much more consciously sustainable in my behaviour within the communities where I trade".

Pete Doyle

"Worked with Louis Garner for roughly a year, On both PT and mindset. Louis is very knowledgeable and consistent with his approach to helping his clients. He increased my confidence and helped me understand my mindset past, present and future. He taught me how to keep it balanced but at the same time working forward and striving to always be better. I highly recommend Louis"!

Amy Munro

"I really look forward to my workouts as Louis ensures we work hard whilst making it fun. He changes each session to keep us on our toes and keep us motivated".

Tara Gibson

"I’ve always been an ‘exercise shy’ kind of girl. However,  Louis has given me a new found love of training. He makes the sessions fun and gets results whatever your fitness level is when you start. In the last year I’ve got stronger and leaner. I get far less aches and pains and I have lots more energy to face the  day. I even miss it when I don’t go. My close friends and family are amazed".

Judy Handley

"Training with Louis was very helpful. He designs the training program and a diet adapted to the objectives you are trying to achieve. He does not hesitate to push you beyond your limit when training together but always making sure that you are doing the exercises correctly and are not hurting yourself. He gives you the motivation to train with and without him during the week and makes you rediscover your body.I really enjoyed training with Louis, thanks to him I have achieved my goal of losing weight and being stronger. I learnt a lot of different exercises using free weights and my own body weight that I didn’t know before and I am now using them everytime I am training on my own".

Alizee Wong

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